Sample Letter

Dear Donor Family

I’ve been trying to write this letter for 7 months now. That was when both of our worlds were turned upside down and will never be the same. But somehow, through your grace and generosity I received the most tremendous gift of all - I received a kidney on that day-from someone unknown to me - yet more special that I could ever imagine. To say a mere thank you on paper seems so insufficient. Please know that I think of you, and thank you everyday.

I was able to go to work today. I am an occupational therapist and I work with a 2 year old baby who has been quite sick. Today, she smiled at me and clapped her hands for the first time. I’m glad that I was there to help her do that.

I hope that as you read this, you find the smallest bit of comfort in knowing that your decision has helped many others. I am trying to shine this light wherever I go.

A Grateful Recipient

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